Life Skills Coaching

Life Skills Coaching

Dr. Julie DeVito, Psychologist & Integrative Health Coach, shares the importance of life skills coaching. Click the video above for the full interview.


Filmed with Dr. Julie DeVito, PsyD | Psychologist & Integrative Health Coach

What do you bring to The Collective?

It’s hands-on practical life skills coaching. Clients that we have here oftentimes haven’t had the time, haven’t taken the time to sit and think about what type of job that they could get, or they have thought about it and they’re very discouraged. Maybe they’ve tried to get a job and it hasn’t worked out. So I love being able to help people who are neurodivergent explore their strengths and their, their talents, their abilities, as well as some of their weaknesses. Oftentimes they’ve had experiences that have, have not been positive in the workplace, trying to get a job or being in school. Depending on whether they want to try school again, or maybe they wanna try to find a part-time job. I come along and help them kind of put together a plan of what that looks like. How could we get you there? And we start just by some career assessments, some aptitude assessments, looking at what their interests are, helping them to be able to articulate some of their strengths because they have many, many times abilities that come natural, but they don’t realize that this is a strength. And so oftentimes I’ll sit and have them do a career assessment, an aptitude assessment, and then I help them look at the results of that and, and say, you know, actually, you could be really good at this customer service type job because you are patient and you’re able to, to take the time to listen to someone. Small inferences and nuances that they don’t realize could be transferable in a job setting. The vocational planning, to vocational coaching is something that I do with clients here. Oftentimes, it’s just about them building confidence, knowing that they have skills that are transferable.

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