Neurodivergent Therapist Interviews

mental health care for a neurodivergent population


Filmed with David Barr, LCSW | Clinical Director

Being autistic, being an ADHDer doesn’t prevent you from having a traumatic experience. In fact, it is kinda the opposite, it puts you in a higher risk category from a demographics and population standpoint to have trauma events to develop, depression or anxiety, due to how your neurodiversity was managed or treated initially, how it affected the relationships you had with your friends and your family or maybe your community. You know, mental health interventions were developed for kind of the neurotypical crowd, if you will, right? For neurotypical folks, they weren’t specifically developed and geared towards the neurodivergent population. So what we’re able to do here is, blend both, take the neurodivergent expertise, take the mental health expertise, and figure out how to layer them on top of each other to help our clients.

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